From Chocolate to Beer: A Comprehensive List of Things to Do and See in Belgium

Belgium Travel: A Guide to Exploring the Country

Looking for a unique travel destination that offers both history and modern charm? Look no further than Belgium. This small country packs a punch when it comes to culture, cuisine, and sightseeing opportunities. Here are some must-visit places you can explore on your trip to Belgium.

Brussels – The capital city of Belgium is home to many iconic landmarks such as the Grand Place, Manneken Pis, and Atomium. Visitors can also indulge in delicious chocolates at Godiva or enjoy a beer tasting tour at Cantillon Brewery.

Bruges – Known as “The Venice of the North,” Bruges is a picturesque town with cobblestone streets, charming canals, and medieval architecture. Must-sees include the Markt Square, Gruuthuse Museum, and Basilica of the Holy Blood.

Ghent – Located east of Brussels, Ghent is another beautiful city with stunning Gothic architecture, museums, and galleries. Don’t miss out on visiting St. Bavo’s Cathedral, Gravensteen Castle, and the Ghent City Museum.

Antwerp – Famous for its diamond industry, Antwerp is a bustling port city with plenty of things to do and see. Visit the Rubens House, Central Station, and MAS Museum. You can also take a boat ride along the Scheldt River to admire the city skyline from afar.

Tourist Attractions and Costs in Belgium

There are numerous attractions in Belgium that offer something for everyone. Some popular ones include:

Grand Place (Brussels) – Admission is free but visitors may need to pay for guided tours.

Atomium (Brussels) – Tickets start at €12 per adult.

Cantillon Brewery (Brussels) – Free tours are available but reservations are required.

Manneken Pis (Brussels) – No admission fee needed.

Museum of Fine Arts (Ghent) – Entrance fees vary depending on exhibitions.

Rubens House (Antwerp) – Prices range from €9 to €15 depending on the season.

Hotel Accommodations and Prices in Belgium

If you plan on staying overnight in Belgium, there are various hotel options to choose from. Here are some average prices:

3-star hotel – $80-$140 per night

4-star hotel – $120-$200 per night

5-star hotel – $200+ per night

Public Transportation and Costs in Belgium

Getting around Belgium is easy thanks to their efficient public transport system. Here are some costs for common modes of transportation:

Bus/Tram – Single ticket starts at €2 while day passes cost between €6 to €7.

Train – One-way tickets start at €3 while roundtrip fares range from €6 to €10.

Taxi – Fares typically start at €2.50 and increase based on distance traveled.

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