Palais du Louvre

This enormous palace is the world’s largest museum. The Palais du Louvre is a former royal residence. Located in the 1st arrondissement, it is a magnet to tourists who admire fine art and enjoy architecture. It is also a colossal structure. To view it in its entirety, you need to take to the air.

The Louvre contains around 300,000 works on display. Within its walls, people flock to view its major pieces. These “Big Three” are the Mona Lisa, Winged Victory and Venus de Milo. Yet, to see only these 3 is but to scratch the surface of a tremendous volume of exquisite works.

It is 1 reason to give yourself sufficient time to explore the Louvre. It will take not one, but several vacations before you can truly say you have seen what the Louvre has to offer you.

The Louvre is divided into several sections. These are

  • Greek, Etruscan and Roman Antiquities
  • Oriental Antiquities
  • Egyptian Antiquities
  • French Sculpture
  • Decorative Arts
  • Paintings
  • Graphic Arts or Drawings

Each section has its own specialty. There are highlights and set pieces for each of them. The Egyptian Antiquities is one of the finest in the world.

As for paintings – consider allowing yourself the time to see da Vinci’s Virgin and Child with St. Anne or Virgin of the Rocks, Raphael’s Portrait of Balthazar Castiglione and/or Titian’s Man With A Glove or Wedding Feast at Cana.

While you are in the neighborhood, you may consider fitting in any of the following nearby attractions:

  • Jardin des Tuileries
  • Place Vendôme
  • Musée de L’Orangerie
  • Jardin du Palais Royale