Australia is a rich and modern country having a per capita income analogous to the United States. It is bountiful with natural resources and beauty making it one of the best places to visit in the world. Its population is only very little and has variety of climates similar to California. Because of the country’s little population of 18 million people, population density is never a problem. Australia’s territory size similar to the continental of the United States is big enough to occupy its population size. The country also boasts of its low infant mortality rate and long life expectancies. With all of this information, it is no wonder that Australia fascinates considerably many people from different parts of the globe.

Many Americans have migrated to Australia during the recent years. This is despite the difficult residency requirements of the country. Australia is a drug-free and safe environment for many Americans especially that many of them are seeing United States as a country in decline going towards socialism. Apparently, some Americans object the strong centralized government of Australia as they find it very disturbing because of the increase in crimes, generous welfare system, strong unions, and high taxes. Despite these many disturbing factors, still many Americans stay in Australia. Although, the country is not as preferable as living in the United States, Americans admire the honesty and straightforwardness of the Australians. They also love the outdoor adventures in the country.

The country of Australia has many differences with other countries when it comes to theories. These theories can be harsh to some but in Australia is it necessitated as part of teamwork and cooperation. For instance, Australians usually ride in front of the taxi driver. Tipping is not necessary because it is regarded as insult.

Compared to the United States, the class differences in Australia obtained from wealth is less indicated. In addition, the gap between the poor and the rich is slimmer. However, social classes in the country still exist. The separation of the white-collar jobs and blue-collar jobs from private and public school graduates clearly signify the existence of the social classes in the country. Schools in Australia are similar to those of England wherein old school ties matter.

Racism also exists in Australia despite the fact that the country shows much respect to its native people. Australians are more adopted in using first names but in talking them, it would be best to wait for the cue from them. They often used the title “Sir” and “Mate” where the latter is the more often used. Both men and women from Australia use “mate” in referring to each other.

Australians do not invite people easily to their homes. If they invited you to their homes, you must bring folk crafts, flowers, chocolates, or wine. In Australia, the evening meal is tea, which is served from six to eight in the evening while supper is a late snack. Australians love arguing but they respect people with different opinions. They usually love talking about sports topic. Questions that are too personal will not amazed them as well as topics about cost of things.

Australia has four different seasons: summer, autumn, winter, and spring. Summer falls from December to February; autumn falls from March to May; winter falls from June to August; and spring falls from September to November. A large percentage of the country’s population is massed around the coastal cities and borders. Many Australians prefer living in single-family houses of huge lots and do not have servants in the house. The country has a customized culture and lifestyle. It has different types of residencies that are governed by a complicated point system. In Australia, the younger and better educated you are, the greater chances you have and the more money you bring in.