The Cape Tribulation National Park in Australia is expanded with rain forest and hills at its wilderness. It rises up to 1,300 meters and stretches impressive scenery of the coastal. Particularly, the park is filled with flora and fauna. The park was declared a national park in 1981. Although the park has very minimal quantity attractions and facilities for tourists, tourists from all over the world still came to park for holiday settlements. Let us learn more of the reasons in this article.

The Cape Tribulation National Park is located north of Cairns region in Australia. It is exactly located within the Wet Topics World Heritage area and the Daintree National Park. The entire locality of this park only contains a small number of backpacker hostels and tourism resorts. There is the sealed road that provides passage to the area from the south through ferry boat along Daintree River.

The Cape Tribulation National Park is very attractive despite the fact that it offers limited amount of tourist attractions. Its sands are white and soft, the rainforest is lush and thick, the reefs are colorful and attractive, and the ocean is crystal clear. The climate in the park is also perfect since the rains reach cyclone force in the area as it remains humid and hot.

The Cape Tribulation National Park is a region filled with many dangerous and unique creatures that are magnificent and beautiful to watch. This is one place in the world where two world heritage sites come across. These sites include the Great Barrier Reef, which is the biggest coral reef in the world, and the Daintree Forest, which is one of the world’s oldest forests.

Accommodation and transport at the crib of Cape Tribulation is not very easy. There are no public transport available in the place since it is very small. Every day if the weather is good, only buses drive up in the place coming from Cairns and the Port Douglas. Despite this fact, still many tourists come along for a visit at the Cape Tribulation.

Since Cape Tribulation is a national park, there is no real center in the place. Just north of the Daintree Forest is the Cow Bay that can be travelled via ferry. Located along the main road of the park are small pockets of settlement. The park is also filled with wide and magnificent beaches with blue and clear water. The crib of Cape Tribulation provides a special ambiance to those tourists who love nature and enjoy outdoor activities.

Apart from great beaches, stunning lookouts and great rainforest also sum up the crib of Cape Tribulation. Hidden inside the rainforest clad valleys are freshwater creeks that are perfect for cool swimming. However, some creeks may be filled with free and stinging crocodile so tourists must check first for warning signs prior to swimming.

Just like most national parks in the world, Cape Tribulation is also jammed with activities revolving around exploring, swimming, and bush walking. Numerous tour operators are abundant in the place that provide guided bush walks, horse riding, fishing, reef trips, and diving.

Picture at the top, Attribution:By Luxure – Own work, CC BY 3.0 au