Airlie Beach

Airlie Beach is a city found in Whitsunday Region of Queensland in Australia. It is one of the many endeavor areas for Great Barrier Reef. Depending on the ocean condition, it usually takes 2-3 hours to get out from the reef not far from the Shute Harbor. The city enjoys a tropical climate and lifestyle because it is nearby the Whitsunday Islands.

Every year, the locals of Airlie Beach celebrate the Blessing of the Fleet on a Pentecost Sunday or Whit Sunday. This celebration was started by Father Keith Felgate. Although Airlie Beach has a small beach and its sea is occupied from November to May by marine stingers such as jellyfish, it is still an attractive destination for the tourists. The local council of the city had built a small-medium sized swimming lagoon for the visitors or tourist. This lagoon serves as a swimming area that is similar with the lagoon of Cairns.

Airlie Beach disregards its relatively small size by constantly humming to the tune of celebrations everywhere. Various buzzing gardens are found in the city as well as cafes, pubs, clubs and bars. Cruising is also a popular activity in the city for the local holiday makers. The city also boasts of its glorious artificial lagoons, and excellent range of accommodations. Definitely, Airlie Beach is a tropical cocktail of backpackers, yachters, reefs, and islands.

Airline Beach has the combination of a beach and city lifestyle along with its dazzling stretch of coastline. Different attractions and things to do are seen in the place that perfectly caters every tourist expectations. The Mountain Plus Quad Bike Tour is an ultimate adventure with awesome actions. This tour allows you to explore the woodlands and paddocks of the cattle farm as well as following the tracks by means of the spectacular rain forest.

If you prefer a scenic trail ride then the Valley Explorer Trail Ride is best for you. From this ride, you can encumber and discover the Great Australian Bush. You can also explore the woodlands, cane-fields, and cattle paddocks in the valley as well as its beautiful scenic trails. The trails can be tracked down through the rainforest of the Dryander Mountains. After all the actions of bike touring and scenic trailing, you can sit back and relax for some swimming on the beaches. A

Skydiving in Airlie Beach is also great. This ultimate adrenalin rush activity is done at its perfect location at the Beautiful Whitsunday Islands. The stunning view from this island is one of the best drop zones in the world.

The Whitsunday Crocodile Safari in Airlie Beach includes outdoor activities as well as lunch. It gives you a unique nature experience through its exciting daytrip experiences on the actual territories of saltwater crocodiles.

The Airlie Beach Lagoon has become the topical and focal spot attraction in the Adelaide city. It gives you a great day of relaxation and chance to meet other tourists as well. Another famous attraction in the city is the Caves and Canyons Dive Site that is located at the Hook Reef in Great Barrier Reef. It is a great place for exploration dives and cruising. Its exceptional overhangs and beautiful coral gardens are great subject opportunities for many photographers all over the world.