Berrima, New South Wales

The City of Berrima was instituted in 1830s during the time of great expansion and exploration in New South Wales in Australia. Touring around the city is very easy as there are many regular guided tours that can be booked both for groups and individual tourists. Every holidays and weekends, there are available coach and horse rides for convenient tours.

Dozens of galleries and good shops can be seen in Berrima that offer extensive displays of collectables, toys, nurseries, confectionery, gourmet foods, clothing, souvenirs, crafts, artworks, and antiques. The Gaol shop also sells different crafts and toys that are made by prisoners. A famous and rare bookshop known as Berkelouws is just five minutes away from the downtown. The bookshop also has its own picnic area.

During weekends, you can experience live entertainment at the famous Surveyor General Inn with beer garden, bars, and bistro. Several restaurants are also seen in Berrima as well as good cafes and take-aways that include the White Horse Inn. This Inn is not only known for its Georgian décor but also for its fine cuisine. Visiting this inn may require advanced booking especially during busy holidays and weekends.

Plenty of hotels, motels, and accommodations are also seen in Berrima. There are also great camping areas and heritage buildings. The huge covered picnic and BBQ areas and parks are also best for those tourists who bring their own coaches.

The village square in Berrima City is surrounded with historical buildings as well as new business buildings. Tourists must see the Courthouse and Berrima museums. These museums will allow you to see the interior of a prison cell. As you wander around the city, you can see some other interesting and old buildings and attractive churches. During public holidays and weekends, the Harper’s Mansion is open for tourist visitors. This mansion gives you the picturesque of what a home looked like during the early times.

Wineries are nearby to be found in Berrima City. The Emu & Ostrich Farm is recommended for those tourists who love to experience farm life. On the reserves along the river near the city, abundant birdlife, wallabies, wombats, and platypus are found.

Several good parks and playgrounds are found Berrima City that is great for the kid tourists. They can walk and explore the shops and streets of the city. During weekends, the Alpaca Center is worthwhile to visit. Little shops are everywhere in the city where good crafts and toys can be purchased. If you are curious to see things especially antique ones, then visit the Peppergreen where old toys and kids clothes are also sold.

For first-time tourists in Berrima City, it would be best to experience its beauty and attractions by taking a drive tour around followed by a walk along the village streets. Today, the city is a vast combination of social center, playground, and living museum. It is only one hour and a half drive from the South Coast, Canberra, and Sydney, which is perfect for a day tour. Berrima City is truly a great place for a quiet escape from the busy city life.

Above Picture Attribution:Brian Jenkins